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A Lake, A Hole, and a Famous Flight
July 7
My first stop on this trip was at Lackawanna State Park in Pennsylvania. This is my favorite type of camp site with shade and privacy. It also has 30 amp electricity available.
The spill way for Lackawanna Lake uses a natural waterfall which is quite unusual.

On a side trip from Lackawanna State Park, I went to Archbald Pothole State Park which has the largest glacial pothole in the world. This particular pothole is 42 feet wide and 38 feet deep with a volume of about 18,600 cubic feet (140,000 gallons).
There is no official record keeping of glacial pothole size measurements that I am aware of but I did not find any larger from an internet search.
Pothole Rivals

July 8
On the drive to my next camp ground in Pennsylvania, I found I was close to the memorial for Flight 93, which is the flight that went down on 9/11 in 2001.


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