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After driving over 2,600 miles since I left home, a little diversion sounded like fun. The camp ground gave me the opportunity to get discounted tickets to the Grand Jamboree – a musical comedy show that was within walking distance of the camp.
It was held in a large auditorium and kind of fun. Old timey songs, 50’s songs, some country, some gospel, some patriotic. There were also some silly magic tricks. They asked us veterans to stand up and be appreciated. Very Americana.
They even got the young ladies to go out in the audience and get a few fools to come up on stage and do some Elvis moves. There were 3 of us and for different songs we did 1) the leg shimmy, 2) the hip wiggle, and 3) leaning forward and sweeping the hand down. So we all did that at the same time while they sang. I was the oldest but I gave it my best shot. The emcee looked a little worried about me having to go down on one knee. Afterward we finished our performance, the emcee did the audience response thing and people clapped for us one by one. I got the most applause and got a prize of Elvis sunglasses. (The other participants got the same.) My wife probably would have been embarrassed if she had been in the audience but it was all in good fun.

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