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Valhalla Provincial Park, British Columbia
The Valhalla Range is a dramatically diverse area in the Selkirks of SW British Columbia, about 100 km south of the Bugaboos. Along the southwestern boundary of Valhalla Provincial Park is an outstanding group of spires including Mount Dag, Wolf’s Ears, Gimli, Asgard, and Gladsheim, all over 8,700 feet tall. These peaks offer great climbing.
Mount Gimli is one of the most dramatic and accessible of the spires. The mountain is beautiful from all angles, but is particularly stunning when viewed from the south. From this viewpoint, the South Ridge forms a spectacular arĂȘte that begs to be climbed. And even more pleasing, the south ridge is composed of perfect gneiss.
The hike up to Mount Gimli is probably my most ambitious hike for a round trip distance of 6 miles, and an elevation gain of 2345 feet.


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