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North end of Lake Superior (Thunder Bay District)
Kakabeka Falls, Ontario
The falls have a drop of 130 ft, cascading into a gorge carved out of the Precambrian Shield by meltwater following the last glacial maximum. Because of its size and ease of access, it has been consequently nicknamed “the Niagara of the North”.

Ouimet Canyon, Ontario
Ouimet Canyon is 330 ft deep, 490 ft wide and 1.2 mi long, protected as part of Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park.
The canyon is believed to have formed when a diabase sill dating from a billion years earlier was split open, either by the weight of advancing glaciers or the large volumes of water released during their retreat. Erosion by wind and rain continued the formation of the canyon. A large rock column known as the Indian Head can be seen from the northern viewing area.


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