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Northern Newfoundland
Northern Newfoundland has a few things I am not used to seeing.
The houses near the sea are striking and colorful.
Some of the telephone poles are anchored by rocks. This is either because the soil is too soggy or because bedrock (ledge) is too close to the surface.
Firewood can be seen along the side of the road for miles. A family might need 7 cords for the winter. They get a permit from the forest service, cut it during the winter and bring it out with snowmobiles. Communities are small so someone would know if a neighbor was pilfering their wood pile.
Cow Parsnip is common and gets up to 7 feet tall although what I saw was only 4 feet. It is in the same genus as Hogweed and has a similar toxic sap which can cause blisters and even blinding.

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