Whiteside Museum of Natural History, Seymour, Texas

White Museum of Natural history is an excellent museum for a small town. It specializes in the education of the public regarding natural history; focusing on local ecology and paleontology from the Permian age. It also has exhibits of dinosaurs as well as current and prehistoric mammals. They also have a large collection of shark teeth from Bakersfield, California.
Dimetrodon and Edaphoaurus are not dinosaurs but synapsids and died out 40 million years before the earliest dinosaurs. They are actually more closely related to the ancestors of mammals.
Sarcosuchus was a Cretaceous fish eating crocodile that got up to 31 feet long and 9,500 pounds.
The two skulls are from a polar bear (white skull) and a short faced bear (extinct). The short faced bear was as big as the largest polar bear or brown bear living today and could run 40 miles an hour. It needed to eat 35 pounds of meat a day.


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