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Berlin / Ichthyosaur State Park, Nevada.
Nevada is very dry – note the dry lake bed. Ichthyosaurs were aquatic reptiles that lived at the time of the dinosaurs. They munched on ammonites (shelled squid like animals similar to the living Nautilus) and grew up to 70 feet long. This site is unique because you can see the skeletons of 9 animals in the rock as they were discovered (after removing some rock). More about Ichthyosaurs

The Berlin in Berlin / Ichthyosaur state park is a mining ghost town abandoned in the 20’s. It was 98 degrees in the afternoon when I got there so I took pictures the next morning. The large tubs were used to hold cyanide solution which is used to extract any remaining gold. After that, I headed out for Ely, Nevada by way of highway 50 – the loneliest highway in America. Long stretches between towns and they ain’t too big. This park was an hour and a half away from the loneliest highway in America.


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