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Trip to Oklahoma (Sorry – only 3 pictures in this section)

A family reunion in Arkansas gave me a good excuse to test the Aliner on a 3 week trip to Oklahoma and back. After the reunion I also went to see my cousin Tom Riley in Oklahoma since they couldn’t make it to the reunion. I made reservations ahead of time using Passport America because you could get 50% off. This did save me money but I was naive in not knowing the difference between state parks and RV parks. Many state camp grounds have trees, grass and a comfortable distance between campers. RV parks often lack these desired features. Some RV parks also only had one bathroom and one shower. I was also naive in thinking I would be able to visit nearby attractions. After driving for many hours for multiple days in a row, I found I needed to rest up. I did manage to visit Burgess Falls, however – see “Pictures” below.

First Night Last Night Campground City State Miles
5/28 5/28 Whispering Pines Camping Estates Stillwater PA 336
5/29 5/30 Glen Maury Park Buena Vista VA 333
5/31 5/31 Pride RV Resort Waynesville NC 315
6/1 6/2 Indian Creek CG Buffalo Valley TN 220
6/3 6/4 Grizzly’s RV Park Blytheville AR 288
6/5 6/7 Ozark Inn (Family Reunion) Mena AR 316
6/8 6/9 Tom’s Place Wagoner OK 151
6/10 6/10 Town and Country RV Sikeston MO 403
6/11 6/13 Renfro Valley RV Renfrow Valley KY 335
6/14 6/14 Sand Springs CG Morgantown WV 358
6/15 6/15 Aspen Valley CG Candor NY 362
6/16 6/16 Home Home MA 327


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