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From South Carolina, I went to Alabama and then Louisiana and Texas. In Louisiana it got up to 96 degrees – what a change from Massachusetts (good thing I have an air conditioner). There was evidence of flooding from heavy rain before I arrived. A fellow camper told me a severe storm had come through and a tornado had been seen only a few miles away the night before. When I got to Glen Rose, Texas I heard a similar story. Near Glen Rose, the Dinosaur Valley State Park computer system had been knocked out by the storm.

Dinosaur Valley is famous for dinosaur foot prints in the river bed. It is also known for having foot prints that some creationists insist were made by men. After investigation, these claims lacked credibility. Creationist workers during the late 1970’s related that they chiseled out “hard clay” from this spot, and considered the resulting cavity a “probe hole” rather than a track. However, the anterior end has a tridactyl shape, and evidently what the early workers really did (unknowingly) was remove the infilling material from an elongate dinosaur track.


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