Where To Go

When planning my trips, I knew that I would be traveling through different states and what part of the state I would be passing through. I thought that might be a good opportunity to see anything interesting in that part of the state if I had time. To help me, I made a list of attractions by eastern states, western states, and Canada. I tried to also add what part of the state the attraction was in. Something in the NE corner of South Dakota is hundreds of miles from the SW corner of South Dakota. I compiled these lists by googling questions like “What to see in Wyoming” or “What to do in Wyoming”. Tripadvisor is also useful.
I also thought a list of museums in the U.S. and Canada would be useful.

My Favorite U.S. Parks
My Favorite Canadian Parks

Whether you book ahead is also a personal choice. The advantages of not booking ahead are that you can stay longer in an area if you want to. Many people do this and it works fine for them. Not booking ahead may be a big problem around busy National Parks. I book ahead for the entire trip because I don’t want to drive for 8 hours and find out I don’t have a place to stay.

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